StashStock’s cannabis analytics are more than just canned reporting. Powered by Microsoft’s Power BI, the Cultivation Reports are easy to view and use interactive dashboards give growers massive insight and drive better decision making. StashStock’s cannabis business intelligence platform and key performance indicators (KPIs) will guide your operation in the right direction

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StashStocks Cultivation reporting dives into cannabis test data for growers. Know about potential toxins and elements in your cannabis products and by what margins you are passing testing. Gain insight into potential problem areas before problems occur. Know where to allocate capital to preserve product integrity. Be confident in the decisions you are making.

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StashStock has taken cannabis reporting to the next level with visibility on the production side of cannabis cultivation. Using StashStock’s cannabis business intelligence, growers can now track key data points per strain. Using StashStock data, cultivators can better see which strains grow best in their environment, average yield per stain, days per phase, overall turn time, and moisture loss. Maximize your business with data leading the way.

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Harvest data compares past harvest data to show trends in strains by month and year. Understand deltas in wet weight compared to final packaged weight. Knowing the percentage of moisture loss per strain helps growers better understand their pipeline for future sales.

“Their systems and reporting are intuitive, dynamic, and best-in-class across not only the cannabis industry but other manufacturing and vertical operations.”

— Michael Krefman, VP Merchandising, Pleasantrees