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Stashstock is a point of sale system servicing the medical marijuana industry with an emphasis on patient security and service. We leverage RFID technology for real-time plant data, from seed to sale.

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Patients & Care Givers

  • Get access to quality medicine fast with our advanced store finder.
  • Track order status thru online web portal
  • Get alerts when your favorite products are re-stocked
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Dispensaries & Growers

Use our METRC Validated Integration platform to quickly and easily track seed to sale information.

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Secure Transport

Infusers, transports, and every aspect of the supply chain can benefit from StashStock's MediTracker platform

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Partner Spotlight

Lelantos Secure Transport

Lelantos aims to provide professional secure transport of medical marijuana within the state lines of Michigan under strict compliance and regulations as monitored by LARA and the state board.