Product Overview

From seed-to-sale — our products help you every step of the way

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CannaScanner Start of Product Trail
Image of CannaScanner
  1. 1) ROOTING Quickly create and manage plant batches
  2. 2) TAGGING Easily tag plant batches
  3. 3) MOVE & FLOWER Efficiently move & flower all plants from a room with one click
  4. 4) FIND Quickly find any plant or package in your facility
  5. 5) AUDIT Always ensure compliance with seamless room auditing
CannaScale Product Trail
Image of CannaScale
  1. 6) MANICURE HARVEST Quickly track manicure harvest weights
  2. 7) PRIMARY HARVEST Efficiently submit primary harvest wet weights directly
  3. 8) HARVEST WASTE Record all data directly to METRC or save for later upload
Reporting Product Trail
Reporting Screen Example Charts
  1. 9) LIVE PLANTS Dial in plant growing cycles
  2. 10) STRAIN PERFORMANCE Easily compare strain performance
  3. 11) HARVEST Monitor harvest output over time
  4. 12) PACKAGE MANAGEMENT See testing status of all packages in one spot
CannaScanner Labeling Product Trail
Image of CannaScanner
  1. 13) LABEL Print internal and shipping labels with ease
  2. 14) UPDATE Any package details including quantity, item type, and more
CannaSales Product Trail
Sales KPI Screen
  1. 15) ORDERS Create and manage client orders
  2. 16) SALES VIEW See total inventory that is available for sale
  3. 17) REPACK Quickly perform repackaging to get orders ready for shipping
Processing Product Trail
Recipe Setup Screen
  1. 18) INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Seamlessly manage your non-METRC inventory
  2. 19) RECIPE BOOK Maintain your recipe book and track each run completed
  3. 20) PRODUCT COSTS Track all costs that go into each recipe run