Grow Solutions

By using StashStock growers have the ability to eliminate the manual process of entering tag data or even scanning each plant. This saves time and money while streamlining your process. As you physically move your plants and products, with the use of RFID chips that are in each of the tags METRC uses, we can track and update movement through the lifecycle. By literally just moving the plant to the next phase, we can track the progress of the plant and send the data to the state so that you are compliant.

Medical Marijuana Seed to Sale Tracking Graphic
Seed to Sale Cloud Service Graphic

Our software is cloud based and scalable so that you can run different facilities off the same account. If you have multiple license types, you can merge your businesses so that you can see all of your business with one portal. We are all about making things easy and simple.

We can integrate with other hardware like bar code scanners (if you don’t want to use the RFID). We can also integrate with scales, label makers and printers. We can customize our solution to fit your needs.

With our reporting features we can track weight, waste, sales, and look at historical trends. We add new features to our platform daily and to make sure our software is the fastest, easiest and best solution in the marijuana cultivation space. We feel our customer service is the best, making sure you enjoy your experience with our software. At the end of the day it’s a choice. We hope you choose us.